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Herbalife: get you YOURS!

Guys, these results are self explanatory. 

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told my best friend that he scared the shit out of me.

he screamed in my face and got way too angry.

like, excuse me. i’ve been in abuse relationships, you know this makes me scared. 

he apologized.

but was it sincere?


Anonymous asked: is herbalife working for you? my sister took it and nothing happened

It’s been working wonders for me. I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t helped your sister :/

how was she using it?

Oh, hey I lost 4 more lbs!

Herbalife, dude. Stuff is MAGICAL. 

Today was a rest day to let my muscles recover but tomorrow is ABS day, baby!

Wanna get hot & fit?

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Amazing weight loss results, and it LASTS!

This is Justina. She discovered Herbalife 2 months ago and finally has her Level 10 body! I’m so proud of her and her success. 2 months ago, she couldn’t even run a mile, and now she’s training for a 5k marathon!!!!!

I’m so proud to be a health coach with Herbalife. We are such dedicated and motivated people that just want to help people get their dream body & be healthier than ever.

I am so happy with the results I’ve gotten with these products. Progress pics to come!

Stoked for this upcoming month! I want to get 50 people on the Herbalife train; getting their hot bodies, eliminating health problems for good, and changing lives!!

Stop wishing, and make it happen, you guys! Yesterday, you said “tomorrow.” There’s no time like the present to get in the best shape ever.

This is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle :)

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